Me, on top of a windy mountain in the Atacama desert. Not many plants here!

If you are looking for someone work on your garden for you, I think it’s important to know a bit about them first. So, I’m Michael, that’s me in the photo on the right, during a trip around South America. Not that relevant to gardening but it helps to put a face to a name.

So, about me? Well, first things first, I have always loved gardens and gardening. Not that you would necessarily know it by looking at my CV – degree in law, masters in international marketing and a 20 year career that incorporated considerable international travel whilst working in the legal, consulting, technology and publishing sectors. So believe me, I completely understand how hard it can be to find the time to keep your garden the way you would like when you barely have time to see friends and family from one month to the next.

However, after all those years of corporate life I finally decided to pursue my love of gardening full time and gained a Diploma in Garden Design from the renowned English Gardening School, based at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London. iknowwhich-quote

Why the big change? I found that as I got older, the busier I got at work and the less free time I had. However my own little square of ‘nature’ outside my flat became increasingly important to me, possibly as a pressure valve, providing a bit of perspective, a welcome distraction from career related concerns. So after much deliberation I decided it was time to focus on what I really wanted to do with my time.

You see, some of my earliest memories are of taming overgrown gardens in the North of Scotland for pocket money, usually equipped only with a hand scythe, shears and a shovel. Ever since then I had been developing my gardening expertise, my eye for composition and design, and a detailed knowledge of plants.

Working on a client's garden.

Working on a client’s garden.

I now have over 30 years experience of creating, renovating and maintaining gardens, so you can be sure I know what I am doing. I know which plants will flourish in your garden whatever its aspect, size or location. This knowledge will save you wasting your money, time and effort because I know what will work and what won’t. I also have the energy and enthusiasm that comes from really enjoying what I do. It means I get more done.

I would love to help you make the most of your garden, to create a space you will enjoy.